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Multiple New Views/Sounds of Endeavour’s Launch from Booster Cameras

For a breakdown of the best parts head over to this CNET article. http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20066304-1/new-nasa-footage-gets-a-little…

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – *** 1/2

We rented Vicky Christina Barcelona from Amazon – Video On Demand (Formerly Amazon Unbox).  I went in with no expectations but I thoroughly enjoyed the film.  Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz both impressed me.  Rebecca Hall as Vicky was not someone I had seen act before and her performance was spot on as well.  Scarlett Johansson was less interesting but I might be influenced by the nature of the character she is playing.  The ending has a nice symmetry, though perhaps too satisfying a payoff for those too quick to judge the turmoil surrounding Javier Bardem’s character.  Like so many things, ultimately I enjoyed the journey a bit more than the destination but it was a trip I was very glad to have taken.  Authentic dialogue and performances that crackle all set in gorgeous Spanish countryside.

Mini- Amazon – Video On Demand Review

Amazon – Video On Demand via Tivo is a service that enables you to download films (for purchase or rental) over broadband internet.  The service works flawlessly thanks to the integration with Tivo but is still a bit pricey.  The quality of the downloaded video is more than acceptable on our 32″ HD TV.  The convenience of browsing and purchasing without the need for a Netflix cue or a trip to Blockbuster is hard to beat.  We tend to wait for sale pricing and have yet to rent any of the HD titles, but so far so good.

16 Gig Ipod Touch Review

What can I add that hasn’t been already said about the Apple Ipod Touch.
The interface (touch keypad included) works better than I expected and I expected quite a bit. The screen is beautiful. The web browser is excellent if still a wee bit slower than a desktop/laptop in response time.

Ultimately, this thing feels like the future. I find myself poking the screen on my two year old Samsung slider cellphone expecting all my portable devices to function so intuitively.

The paving stones leading toward ubiquitous computing continue to be laid with I think only two fundamental pieces missing.

1. A single broadband provider that offers seamless wired and wireless service for a single reasonable fee (<$50). 2. Portable device power/battery life that is counted in days/weeks instead of minutes/hours. If I had to guess I would say those remaining pieces will be widely available in the next two years.