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Apple Needs to ‘Think Different’ Again

Apple has a special magic that other brands spend millions failing to replicate. This ad personifies that magic and it’s telling that it is more than a decade old. Perhaps a victim of their success, their iPhone and ‘I’m a Mac. I’m a PC’ adds have eclipsed the magic they once projected. Now they deliver technological marvels, but like many that succeed, they’ve changed a little. Regardless, the message of this ad still makes me smile, even if the company that paid for it doesn’t always.

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Judgemental Busy Bodies

The most recent stories about Michael Phelps (Olympic swimmer and photographed pot smoker) and Nadya Suleman (mother of six artificially-conceived children and recently a full set of octuplets) have me wondering if the news cycles from here on out are going to be consumed with ‘shame on you’ stories and moral exemplar tales (Sully the wonder pilot).  Some might say the press has always had this sort of focus but I am feeling generous.

The press is turning into that person you bump into at church that sees every problem or milestone that somebody in the community faces as a morality play.  This sort of tone enables busy bodies from one end of the country to the other to shake their heads in disgust at the decisions/behavior of others.  To what end?  If the stories must be covered, cover them once in a neutral tone and move on to more pressing matters.  We are blessed/cursed to live in a time with no shortage of news to be covered.  Stop focusing on stories that enable a portion of your readership (with little basis) to feel morally superior.  We are neither morally superior nor inferior to most of our neighbors, co-workers or fellow citizens, but a collection of human beings each trying to do their best, no more and no less.  Every story that reinforces that fundamental reality is true and real.  News stories that try to convince you otherwise are the mainstream media equivalent of ‘link bait’ and a disservice to the public as a whole.