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Watchmen Doesn’t Work For Me

Zack Snyder’s Watchmen looks visually amazing but the characters are thin and the underlying dystopian vision lacks the impactful nuance of Blade Runner.  Maybe I am just not in the mood right now for a film that paints people essentially as heartless bugs.  Are we capable as a species of mindless acts of selfish violence?  Yes, but I don’t need a 3 hour film to remind me of this.  That’s what CNN does most nights and I avoid that too.  What I crave and films like Blade Runner, The Martix and 28 Days Later deliver is the dystopian vision coupled with characters that reflect humanities potential.  Not because I can’t handle the darkness but because total darkness is no more real than a vision where everything is sweetness and light. 

Not All Media Needs to be Mindless

Universities are increasingly creating academic podcasts that (in moderation) can make you a more interesting human being. I myself have yet to sample these… which may explain my struggle to be interesting.