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Photo: Industrial Agriculture

In the Midwest the industrial and agricultural bump up against each other. This is a natural gas fueled power generation station. While cleaner than coal, this is less clean than wind. When I drive through the wind swept corn fields of Illinois I wonder why wind turbines aren’t dotting the land.

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Seasons Change

In the Chicago area the seasons change. This is a good thing. I like to look forward to the first snow or the first warm Spring day. This morning I awoke to a chilly house for the first time since probably May and that is a little preview of what is to come in September. This week is back to school week too so the Summer is all but over and thoughts now turn to school buses and (dare I say it) Halloween decorations. Oh and the new Fall TV season. A season that this year will be supported by a brand new Tivo HD. I have been testing it out now for about 2 weeks and (excluding the Comcast piece of the puzzle) the experience has been extremely positive. I will write up my review in the days to come.

Stormy Saturday in Chicagoland

Picture 068, originally uploaded by Maxo.

The picture is from a few years back but the weather today is comparable. One minute the sun is out and the next minute the rain is pouring down.

This Humble Grill…

IMG_2427, originally uploaded by Maxo.

still has what it takes. I tried a new to me technique. I put the steaks into a 250 degree oven for 20-30 minutes and then put them on the grill. Hat Tip to America’s Test Kitchen for that technique because it works like a charm.

Chicago Winter = Brrrrrr!

As a Midwesterner with 30+ years under my belt I am used to cold but enough already. I take solace in the fact that March is only a few short weeks away and then we should turn the corner.