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Top 25 Active Film Directors List

EW.com (like AFI before them) loves their lists.
Check out their list of the 25 Greatest Active Film Directors.
25 Greatest Active Film Directors

I can’t fault their top 10. Actually I can only find two in the whole list of 25 that really bug me.
Call me crazy but Tim Burton at #13 and Sam Raimi at #15 both seem too high.  Tim Burton is an exceptional Art Director/DP but his inability to consistently build stories as stunning as his visuals should push him lower down the list.  Raimi is solid but I’d bump him entirely for Kevin Smith.  I am reserving judgment on Zack Snyder until I see Watchmen. 
Firstshowing.net has a nice discussion about the list in the comments and manages to put the list all on one page.

(Caution: The EW write up is one of those annoying page view generating 25 pages for 25 directors things that makes EW look like they don’t understand the internet.)