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Twitter as a Giant Global Mood Ring

Twitter as a giant global mood ring | Not Exactly Rocket Science | Discover Magazine.

Twitter is either an indispensible professional and personal tool, or the downfall of humanity, depending on who you believe. But to Scott Golder and Michael Macy from Cornell University, it is something more: an unparalleled source of data. The duo has used the popular social networking site to eavesdrop upon the world’s moods, as they rise and fall throughout the day and across the week. By analysing half a billion tweets from 2.4 million people in 84 different countries, they turned Twitter into a giant global mood ring.

As The Economic Crisis Deepens…

This will be my last post on the draining bathtub that is our economy for awhile. The Atlantic Online has a long but super interesting article that thinks through what the current realignment might mean. A real contrast to the media obsession with the day to day market drops and scandals of the week. It puts this crash in a historical context and asks some intriguing questions. I am not sure if it gets all the answers right but I am glad someone is starting to ask the right questions.

Just Like That

Back in November I predicted that in 2009 the market would close out at 6,800.  I did not expect my prediction to come to pass the first week of March 2009.  I had that dire prediction penciled in for the end of the year.  I will stop predicting and instead begin burying bars of gold in the yard and stockpiling crackers and water as the end times are near.  I kid… I kid.  Look if the stocks have to fall let’s just get this over with and see what happens. 
Invisible hand of the market please don’t move the market back up to 7,200 for a couple of weeks only to drop it to 5,000 right before the 4th of July weekend.  It messes with people and we have been messed with enough.  Take it down as low as it needs to go and then begin the long slow climb up to something approaching the actual value for goods and services.  Is that too much to ask?

Quick Question About the New Media…Meet the New Boss Same As The Old???

Is it possible that the current fragmentation of media reverses itself in a few years?

For the record, I am all for the fragmentation of the media. One could argue that in the early days of radio & TV you had an initial fragmentation followed by re-aggregation. The fallout from that little cycle was decades of dominance by the big networks. Are Federated Media, the Podshow network and Revision3 harbingers of what is to come?

Fear Sells and We’re Buying

This post from Xeni Jardin over at Boing Boing captures the current fear based media culture in a nutshell. Why is a major American charitable organization (the American Red Cross) with a charter to provide aid and comfort running advertisements that do exactly the opposite? I wholeheartedly support preparedness but I suspect hope we are quickly approaching a tipping point where such scare tactics will not only draw the wrath of Boing Boing readers but of NASCAR fans. Not that the two (Boing Boing readers/NASCAR fans) are necessarily mutually exclusive, just somewhat uncommon.

P.S. I currently gather most of my news via the RSS powered Google Reader. This tool helps me to sample the main stream media gestalt from a safe distance and then quickly route around it to learn more about the things that I believe matter most.